Specialist services.

Children's Support Worker

The role of the children’s support worker is to support all of the children and young people who reside within the service.


This entails completing a support plan with the child/ young person and their parent to ensure all their needs are identified and an action plan is developed.  The child will have their input into this process and a variety of tools to support children of all ages have their voices heard during the assessment process.


The children’s support worker organises weekly support sessions from the available projects and resources available to put together a planned package of support, which is regularly reviewed.

The role of the support worker is also to support the child or young person’s parent and support them in ways that are identified. For example, supporting parents to complete a transfer for school places or to attend local children centres, or to look at parenting support.  An outreach service is also provided to families who stay within the Warrington Area to continue to support children and their parents once within their new home.

Community Case Worker

We can help survivors who are :

  • Fleeing current domestic abuse or needing support to leave

  • Need access to a refuge or other temporary accommodation

  • Need support with substance/alcohol misuse

  • Need support with their mental health & wellbeing

  • Finding accessing and staying engaged with services difficult


How we do it :  

  • By finding appropriate temporary accommodation

  • Providing bespoke one on one holistic support around positive mental health,

  • Understanding the long-term impacts of domestic abuse on a survivor

  • Access to civil options including child arrangement issues

  • Understanding the criminal justice system and your options within it

  • Advocating with other agencies and professional’s

  • Linking in with services which are appropriate to the survivor’s needs

  • In-depth risk assessing

  • Safety planning

  • Multi-agency working


For further information or to make a referral please contact:

Domestic Abuse Community Caseworker


Mobile 07927170965